Gift Brilliance.

My cousin Em and her high school beau have been together for a couple years now. They are seniors and about to head off to college! For Christmas, he got her a photo shoot with a local photographer. The pictures turned out amazing, as you can see. What a perfect gift?! Men, store this idea in the gift bank… I have already told Caleb about it. I just think it is brilliant.

boots blanket3 bubble fence blanket2 blanket

Too adorable right?! Wow.

On a much less appealing note… remember that bean burger recipe I tried? Well, I have this tendency to over look things, like instructions. So although I got all the ingredients and their amounts correct…instead of “pulse a few times to combine,” I blended. Pureed. Yes, anyone without teeth would be able to eat these suckers. Caleb is still eating them–what a gracious man. They taste fine, the texture is just a bit disturbing. I am calling them my poop patties. Better luck next time I guess.

I’m getting ready to head out to Colorado to be with some family, and couldn’t be more excited. Caleb is away visiting friends, and there have been some stories of wonderful friends who have reached out with sweet love in his absence. More to share on that tomorrow.


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