The Jumbo Pack.

I was shopping at Costco the other day and remembered we are getting low on olive oil. Looking at the different bottles I thought, “should I get the jumbo-double-pack? Will we use it before we go?”… Then I remembered, we aren’t goin’ anywhere. This is where we live now. I decided yes on the jumbo pack.

I guess that’s why we decided to decorate. We live here now. After 6 months, we like our neighborhood and are happy with our apartment. It was time to make things a little more homey. We took advantage of our time in Denver, shopping at stores we don’t have in the heartland [Crate&Barrel and Ikea]–using giftcards to get some final touches. It’s still a slow process, but now it’s a moving process. The bathroom looks the same, and will always look the same. So will Caleb’s office. But the “dining room” and living room needed some work. The living room is still incomplete, but the dining room has turned a corner. It feels good.

Some perspective…



Our dining corner.



My space. Close to an outlet for my sewing machine. Large desk calendar. Pay bills. Plan meals. Be Creative.


I’m planning to do something cool with that wall space above…I have already started collecting the pieces.

This may be my favorite corner. It feels cozy and put together. The books on the floor may go. Eventually. We have yet to sift through what is staying and going.


My great-grandmother’s rocking chair. Moved the floor mirror out from the bedroom.



As you can see, there still aren’t pictures in all of the frames. We will get there. Most likely.


“LOVE YOUR GUTS” was Caleb’s Christmas present from me. I thought it relavent to our situation–I love his guts and he is studying guts.


So there ya have it. Yet another phase of making-this-place-home. While I still have moments of longing for Portlandia, I’m happy in this new place. I have friends that I look forward to seeing and don’t get anxious beforehand. It’s sunny most days. Awfully cold, but sunny. Church is a gift straight from above. Maybe I will share more about that tomorrow. And we are both doing things that we were made for. Me with kids and Caleb with healing. We couldn’t ask for more.


One thought on “The Jumbo Pack.

  1. looks like you have about half again the space of Elwood but I still loved those days and loved being part of your lives. miss you both.

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