Good News.

What we are most thankful about Bridge Church, is that when asked about it, all we can speak of is the transforming work of Jesus. Lives are being changed. Saved in the most tangible ways. We are a community diverse in ethnicity, economic status, age, and occupation. We are ex-convicts, prostitutes, teen parents, gangsters, working professionals, students of both community college and private university. We are a rag-tag bunch, living in the freedom brought to us by a savior who has made a way to a life abundant in Christ.

Located in the poorest part of Omaha, Bridge was birthed out of the Abide Network. Abide serves the people of the inner city, bringing radical transformation, hoping that one day there will no longer be an “inner city.” Those changed by the work of Abide, needed a community to connect with. Thus, Bridge. A community that claims Jesus loves us just the way you are… but loves you too much to leave you that way.
Being a part of Bridge  for about 4 months now, we can tell you that we are being encouraged, enboldened, and embraced in a community after the Lord’s own heart.
If we are so lucky to have you visit, you’ve got to stay until Sunday afternoon, just to make sure you make it to Bridge!

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