Sometimes they are snots. But they always have snot.

Sometimes working with crazy little monkeys is less than ideal.

The other day, it felt like I had a fire alarm going off in my ear for the Ya know, the one… you just can never seem to get it to stop beeping.  A little mr. monkey felt the most effective way to get my attention was to “ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli,ms.elli.” Over and over and over. No breath for a response… unable to get it to shut.up. When on my last shread of sanity, I finally stopped him: “Buddy. When you talk to me that way, I want to turn off my ears, and not listen to you. Next time try asking once. Waiting. And then seeing what my answer is.” His response: “O. Okay!” Goodness. Don’t let them wear you out. Wear them out. Sometimes I dish it right back to them… repeat their name a thousand times until they tell me to stop. Then I explain how it doesn’t feel very good, and that we should try a different way.

And of course, the little boogers always have boogers and are always cleaning themselves well enough as the dirty themselves plenty good. An immunity booster is a must. Daily. Their snot is like an endless waterfall from the fountain of shnoz. Protect yourself. Sweet little bundles of disease. They just can’t help it.


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