Family Friday.

I don’t know that I want to commit to this… but I’m thinking of making a weekly post about family, specifically our family–Caleb and I–Family Fridays. Cheesy? We are living in the midwest now…Let me know if you  think it’s a good move… if you don’t say anything I will take the hint.

For the longest time I cringed at the Christian concept of the wife submitting to her husband. If I’m honest, I still cringe. Less at the principle, more at the use of the words as power and manipulation. He is to be the leader of the house. My ears hear, “and the wife shall be the scum to be trampled on,” even though that is so not the message. And then I heard from the LORD: He (Caleb) is My tool to refine you. His actions, desires, hopes, and dreams. Who He is will refine you to be the woman I have made. O sweet joy. What a gift.The Lord has given me a joyous, hilarious, handsome best friend to make me like Jesus (in a way, so are all of our relationships and life experiences). I’m in.

This week I am singing praises for Caleb’s leading in vulnerability. He is the first to confess, the first to share. And not just the easy stuff, but the really hard, dark stuff. He has done this from the beginning. Because of that, there is no hiding in this marriage. It’s unacceptable. That’s not who we are. We are vulnerable, honest, real, open. We are forgiving. All because I have a husband who submits his way to the Lord. Amen. Or as Bridge Church says it, That’s What’s Up!

Took this hunk-a-luv out for the best burgers in Nebraska (as determined by Midwestern Living…that’s right). Got our meat helping for the week too!



5 thoughts on “Family Friday.

  1. Hi Elli, I love all of your posts and read them all – so I am in for the Family Friday concept! I am also so proud of you for getting the submitting in marriage thing a few years earlier than I did! We were probably married four years before I heard excellent teaching on that subject. I too have an awesome husband (and it is way easier to submit to a great Godly man – than one who is not so great or Godly) and now I find complete joy in submitting to him. He is not always right, but he always listens to me and what I think – then it is between him and God. He hold the umbrella because God gave it to him. I can either stand next to him (submit) and be protected or I can choose to get out from his umbrella get rained on me whatever is out there. I love you and your honesty. I missed seeing you at Christmas. Aunt Marlene

  2. You two are soooo lovely. And this burger looks fantastic. I know how it feels to be so far from family to be with a loved one. When I moved to Tucson to be with Joe, I felt so frustrated/alone for so long. Especially with Joe’s schedule and LAX practice constantly. Obviously, we didn’t stay there long but it helped us grow and get stronger. Hope all is well! xo

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