The Breakfast Club.


Caleb took a final yesterday and decided to take the night off. Praise the Lord. It’s been a full month. Caleb has an extra full schedule: on top of studying, he is finishing a couple research applications, taking an elective course on how to heal more than the body, and is now the manager of a homeless clinic (which requires weekly meetings and some Saturdays). Come early/mid February the applications will be done and elective class completed. He won’t be spread so thin.

That said, I was thankful to steal some of his time. Caleb had never seen The Breakfast Club. That obviously needed to change. From early in our dating relationship, I took the responsibility of further corrupting his  precious mind… Father forgive me… with films like Austin Powers- a staple in my family. Ya Baby, Ya!

The Breakfast Club was a winner, as always. A quality 80s film that transcends generations.. too kind to say? Thankful for a good movie and an even better buddy.


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