I’m Likin’ it.

I was terrified of the snow. I have never lived in a snowy-winter place. I felt like I was suppose to know something about living in the snow that I clearly didn’t. For example, Caleb once mentioned that you shouldn’t leave the  car emergency break on when it’s really cold?! Never knew that. Thus, the winter season was a bit terrifying… I was going to do something stupid and reck something, or someone. The scenarios were endless.

But, to my fabulous surprise, I’m actually enjoying the snow. I don’t mind driving in it, and love pulling out my boots. Things just seem to calm down. Granted, it’s a mild winter, but I’ll take it.



I wrote as a guest on my brother in-law’s blog, faithlikeaparent.com. I’m obviously not a parent, so I wrote about being Auntie.


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