Doggone dogs.

Caleb and I agree about most things. Like where to go out and eat, where we want to go on vacation, or what kind of bread to buy. And right now, it’s dogs.


We both grew up with wonderfully happy-go-lucky  golden retrievers. We adored our doggies and have fond memories. I could still work up some tears thinking about good ole Millie, who we put down 3 years ago.

However, I am under no allusions as to what it takes to have a dog. I was the kid who begged for the dog, promised to take care of it, and left it all to my mama. When Millie chewed through the wall during the night, mom took care of it. And the episodes of diarrhea that required middle of the night potty breaks. And making sure to leave their bedroom door open so the dog wouldn’t whine all night.

Now we see our neighbors going out at 6am, when it’s 5 degrees, taking their dog out. Last night, the neighbor dog barked all.night.long. We hear stories about friends coming home, exhausted from a day at the hospital, to a home full of diarrhea  because the dog was sick.

Bottom line, until we are waking up in the middle of the night and cleaning up poop and puke coming from a human, aka our children…and until they beg and plead with us…and until I’m ready to do all of the dog care…we are going to be dog free people, dog lovers from afar (which may count us out as being actual dog lovers). Although, that’s not to say you won’t catch me day dreaming about having one of these guys…



Or one of these…



Or one of these…



Maybe one day.


2 thoughts on “Doggone dogs.

  1. Hahaha, “a home full of diarrhea.” Such a perfect, nausea-inducing line. Today I am thankful for Saturdays, donuts, my Alicia Keys playlist, and your words to the world. They [YOU] are brilliant. Thanks for the real talk. Sending Omerha some Seattle love. xx

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