It was a marriage weekend… just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Friday night we went to a medical marriages dinner. While enjoying a free dinner of delicious enchiladas, we soaked up the wisdom of three married couples who shared how they have made it while working in medicine.

We continued the marriage enlightenment on Saturday at a marriage conference by MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen Evans. We were reminded of the good news of Jesus Christ, and how His grace and forgiveness are the most powerful influences in a thriving life and marriage.

All this encouragement, topped off with a fun night out with friends and a quiet Sabbath with my man, I am entering this week full–and I guess it doesn’t hurt that it’s an exciting week.

Yep, it’s that time… I’m turning a quarter-century on Friday. I have to say, I am so excited to be 25. 25 is legit adult status. I’ve made it. Although I feel like I’m just out of high school, maybe sophomore in college, my age says adult. I’ll take it.

One of my besties is coming to Omerha for the weekend to celebrate. Caleb is going off to shoot wild animals with his brother, graciously giving me a girls weekend, but not without leaving a trail of birthday surprises in his wake. Looking forward to it.

Happy Valentine’s Day week… whether with a special love or flyin’ solo, remember you are loved. Celebrate a day of love.



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