Caleb got be a gorgeous ring, and unfortunately it’s just sitting on our dresser.

Just less than a year ago I started having some problems with my wedding ring. My skin was reacting, getting red, dry, and itchy. Then I noticed my ears would do the same whenever I wore earrings. Ugh.

As an early birthday present, Caleb gave me the ring in the picture. It’s made out of thin climbing rope, the ends burned together. HA! I love it. So far its been great on my skin (and yes that’s a heart on my nail, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day).



Thankful for the love in my life on this day of love. Not just from my husband, but all love. I’m spending tonight with one of my dearest friends, who is sacrificing a Valentine’s weekend with her own hubby. Thrilled to have her here in good ole Omerha.

Happy Day of Love my friends. Hope you feel it today.


On a very separate note… I got some pants for cheap that I needed for work. There was only one size, and they were a bit big, but I got them anyway. I had been thinking about taking them in, and then I found a tutorial. I did, it was successful, and I am proud…that I didn’t mess them up too bad.



We also found this last weekend… how fun… three egg yolks in one.



Hope today is a good one.


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