Some Sugar.

We started out the weekend with some not so sweet sugar… but I’m not hating it one bit. We got about 6 inches of snow, and it just spices things up a bit.

We snuggled up and had a blast… for my birthday, Caleb made matching drawing booklets…

IMG_2120Both books are the same, and each page has a shape. We choose a medium, pen or crayons or pencil, and create.


I did the hippos….Caleb came up with the troll-turned-to-stone!

To finish off the weekend, was breakfast for dinner–one of my favorites! We went with a couple recipes from Peas and Thank You: Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls, and Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.




Umm…Y.U.M.! The cinnamon rolls were a success. We were a little worried… the recipe called for yeast=easy flop. But they.were.delicious. YUM. Brilliant end to a brilliant weekend.


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