Your hometown.


It can be so hard to let a person be someone new. Especially in your own family. To know someone as one person, and then to find out they want to be or have become something different… how do you even begin? It’s like a prophet in their home town— people write them off, still seeing them as the 12 year-old screw up.

This last week, I was asked what kind of medicine Caleb is interested in. “Surgery. He’s open to other things, but that’s what he is thinking.” My answer every time. Then I was asked if I could see him doing surgery.

Well, yes, I can see him doing surgery, but mostly because I love him and support his dreams. I don’t actually know this new doctor Caleb yet. I don’t fully know what it takes to be a surgeon and I don’t really know how Caleb would fit into that. When I first met Caleb, he wasn’t a doctor, he wasn’t even sure that was what he wanted. But, he knows stuff now, a lot already, and he is only finishing his first year of medical school. This is just the beginning.

I am tempted to question everything he says. To worry about how he does interviewing patients, or how he will do in the operating room in the future. But, I have to trust that he knows what he is talking about, I am believing that he is becoming a doctor. And a good one.


It’s scary to let people change. It’s unknown. Who will they become?

Someone once told us that marriage is like being married to many people–you both change multiple times throughout your life, and part of marriage is embracing each other throughout it all. So cheers to a little more change!


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