1 Down!

Caleb is finished! He took his last final yesterday. One year down, three more to go [and then a bunch more after that].

I am looking forward to evenings and weekends together… o the possibilities. Going to bed at the same time. Cooking together. Farmers Market. Whole weekend adventures. It’s time.

We have had fun this year, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. The hardest, for us, is the growing gap of knowledge between us. As Caleb’s expertise narrows and deepens, and we get less time together, it can be difficult to find things to relate to and talk about. Its nice to talk about our days but when your day is filled with studying the brain… how much can a person take? [You may say, “O how interesting! I would love to hear about that”…but this stuff is so in depth, and there is so much, I can only understand a fraction of it–which is still too much to hear all about].

We are working on it, trying new things and letting go of old ones.  You can imagine how good summer sounds–time to share experiences. Doing things together.

Hooray for a great year and a fabulous break!


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