School Free!

Caleb is school free for the next couple months, and we are thoroughly enjoying it. We had an amazing weekend spending two full days in a row together! We hit the farmers market, hung out with friends, went on walks, watched a movie. It’s a good thing we enjoy being together, because we had quite a few “flop” outings. First we went to a park to walk some trails, to find there are none… in all of Nebraska [I’m being dramatic, but seriously?!]. We ended up at a park, where we were enjoying a lovely walk around a little pond…until we got stormed out by a torrential down pour. But that wasn’t so bad.



Later in the week we headed out to a coffee shop for a sweat treat. Come to find out they were closed for remodeling. We tried to reassess and head to a different coffee shop, but then we spent what-felt-like-forever [probably 5 minutes…we are turning into Nebraskans] looking for parking. We decided to take one last shot, and head to the Starbucks… that isn’t there anymore!

And yesterday, we headed to Creighton to watch the Heat-Pacers game. Ya, they don’t play until tonight.

You could call this an epic fail on the “date” front. But love covers a multitude of fails, right? Thank you Lord. And, we get to spend this weekend with the Van Essen clan and next weekend with mine. We both feel like we are kids [and some adults] going to Disneyland. We just can’t wait.


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