Bald and Beautiful.


I have been walking to work these days. The weather has been nice, almost too nice. 75+ and humid= a sweaty mess.

However, last Monday I got caught in a huge thunderstorm. And was drenched. Absolutely soaked. All the way through.

I had brought a change of clothes, but hadn’t prepared for the soaking that occurred.

Thankfully, I have a house husband [for now] who was gracious enough to bring me some more clothes.

The kiddos have met Caleb a few times– he has stopped by on his bike rides while we are playing on the playground–so they were thrilled to have him around.

He was immediately swarmed. Cornered.

“I think that is the doctor!”

“We use these [red cups] for water play.”

“We were watching the storm!”

And the clincher….

“I really like your hair.” In the most sincere, admiring way.

I don’t know that Caleb has heard that for 10 years. Made the whole walking-sea thing worth it.


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