Heated Discussions.

I’m a social introvert, and Caleb is a quiet extrovert.

We don’t “fight” much–and they aren’t usually as hilarious as this–but when we do, it’s either over utter miscommunication[sometimes I wonder how someone could not understand me– how could I be more clear? sarcasm intended] or how we are wired so differently. The latest “discussion” was about how we would spend our Friday night. I wanted to stay at home, and talk to no one. He wanted to walk to a neighbors to hang out, talking to anyone and everyone on the way.

I am an introvert. I often feel guilty or wrong for not wanting to do the social thing. I have come to believe what I like, as being boring or lazy. And that when I let calls go through to voicemail, it’s because I’m a bad friend.

My world is being turned upside down. That’s a bit extreme, but I am reading a book that gives words to so much of what I feel. There is reason to who I am. I was created this way, and it is good. And there are strengths to it.


Are you an extrovert? Introvert? Ambivert?


3 thoughts on “Heated Discussions.

  1. I totally feel you on this! For me, it’s about being in this new place surrounded by new people. It’s intimidating at times. But God has been changing the both of us. We’re more sensitive to each one’s needs and insecurities. We still do the low key, Friday nights (often), but I have also really really enjoyed meeting and making new friends! 😉

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