Almost daily, a child does something I have specifically asked them not to. In some cases we have had full conversations, discussing what would happen if they were to make a different choice. You know, “you may sit with your bottom on your seat and your feet on the floor. If you don’t, your body might fall, and you could hit your head on the table.” Or, “You may stand up and walk to the bathroom,” rather than flaying your body on the ground like a wild animal caught in a snare.

Sometimes we arrive at reason, and other times these warnings are not heeded, and injuries do occur[don’t worry, there is supervision to keep from true injury]. The head bonks on the table or the hand hits the door jam in the midst of a horrible protest.

My first response–almost always– is, “I TOLD YOU SO!!! SERVES YOU RIGHT!!” These guys are 3.

Every time I think, “SERVES YOU RIGHT! You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it,” the Lord is gracious to remind me that this is my economy, not His. He doesn’t say, “Serves you right. I told you so. You should’ve learned the first time.”

The God of the universe says, “I love you. Can I come near to you? Will you let me pick you up and take your hand? Let me embrace you.”

Praise Him.


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