My Genre.

It’s decided. I am calling it journalistic non-fiction. My favorite kind of book. The best are well researched, yet presented in a compelling and captivating manner. Being out of school for a couple years, it serves as some great intellectual stimulation.

Columbine has joined my ever-growing list of favorites. What originally drew me to the topic was the fact that it’s a part of Caleb’s story. Though he and his family were not directly involved in the incident, it’s a moment that everyone still remembers what they were doing when they found out. And when they hear he is from Littleton, they say, “isn’t that where Columbine happened?”

photo (15)

Dave Cullen did a beautiful job capturing the full landscape of the situation, gently shedding light on disturbing and horrific realities.

I highly recommend it. Next on the list? Maybe Orange is the New Black, or Dorothy Day: Selected Writings, or Growing Up Amish. Any suggestions?


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