Keep Going.

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I might say that my marriage is the most important thing to me. Yes, yes, I say that: my marriage is the most important thing to me.

I think of it as a gauge. When we are doing what needs to be done to keep a healthy and joyful marriage, then we are taking care of the other areas. When we let things slip individually–spiritually, physically, what have you–our relationship suffers.

These ladies spoke beautifully about their journey of marriage so far. Laura, a favorite of mine, talks about the compatibility with her hubbers.  How, although very different, they are so the same in the most important places.

And Shauna–She hits it on the head with the work and intentionality that it takes to make it to some sweet spots. And the vulnerability and truthfulness it takes between each other and some trusted ones–“Secret-keeping takes its own toll, so even when things are hard, we tell the truth to our community.” 

I have a renewed desire and passion to do marriage fully and wholly after reading the experiences of these women.

That’s why we write. Writing, sharing, being real and open, is so powerful. Our stories can inspire and move. Today I am thankful for those who are working so hard to not just stick with marriage, but to thrive and joyfully blossom within it. And for those who are writing. Because everyone has a story.


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