Chicago Marathon


While 45,000 people were running their way through Chicago, we ate our way through it. Caleb and I met my parents for a nice weekend getaway, with the intention to eat, eat, and eat some more. Don’t worry, walking was our mode of transportation, so we at least made room for the next meal.

While the food was fabulous, the company was even better. We’re already looking forward to Christmas in Portland to hang with these fine folks again.

First things first: coffee. After a nice long walk, we made it to the highly recommended Wormhole Coffee. The coffee was delicious and unique, just like their space.


Caleb tried one of their top 5 most popular drinks: the Honeybear Latte.


For someone who is a fan of pop-tarts, this one blows them out of the water. “Homemade” chocolate pop-tart. A must have.

Next up, a repeatedly-recommended favorite: Hot Doug’s.




Now, for the very reason we found ourselves in Chi-town: Alinea. 13 courses of bite size wonder. It was more than dinner. It was a performance. Art through the senses- visual presentation, scents, and of course, the taste buds.


This is Green Apple Taffee filled with helium. It was a child-like dream. Not to mention, delicious.

This is Green Apple Taffy filled with helium. It was a child-like dream. Not to mention, delicious. We inhaled the helium… and then ate everything else.

The next morning we hit the town “early.” After lunch at Giordano’s for Chicago’s deep dish pizza, we perused the John Hancock Center, checking out the gorgeous skyline view from the 95th floor lounge.






We finished the night at Girl & Goat. The Butterscotch Budino was yummers yummerton.

photo (39)



Monday capped off our weekend. We enjoyed the sunshine and the skyline via the Bean and then snacked on some Garrett’s Popcorn before we parted ways.


photo (40)

Thanks for such an incredible weekend mommsie and pop.  It was much anticipated, greatly treasured, and forever remembered.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon

  1. What a fun trip!!!! So glad you got to spend some good family time away and enjoying. Fingers crossed that I get to see you over Christmas 🙂

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