Revcovering from a Heart Attack

Phew. We made it. Sorta.
It’s been a full–in more than one way– fall. While it has been strengthening and deepening, in most ways it’s been exhausting. We were/are weary. Christmas is a bright light at the end of the tunnel–again, in more than just one way.

As Caleb wrapped up one unit and transitioned to another, we had a few moments to catch our breath. And boy did we. We celebrated with chocolate chocolate brownies, then a movie on a Tuesday. A Tuesday!? But paying only $5 dollars made it all the sweeter. For a total reboot of our engines we decided to drive back to Colorado for the weekend. We snuggled our niece and nephew, caught up with the family, and surprised Cal and Mimi.
photo (51)
photo (50)

Quizzing Caleb on the drive to CO.

Quizzing Caleb on the drive to CO.

photo (48)
photo (54)
photo (55)
photo (53)
photo (49)

The Lord has been gracious and good to lead Caleb and I deeper into His love, together. We are thankful for the Sabbath–that has been key, practically and spiritually [isn’t that always the case?]. The temperature has dropped [too much for my liking], and Christmas is quickly approaching. I am tickled.


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