And we’re back.

Saturday, I woke up to yet another Omerha winter wonderland. I do love the snow, how it makes things beautiful and peaceful.


We were given these brioche rolls from trader joes. It didn’t take me long to discover that they’re basically butter balls… perfect for a poor-man’s pain au chocolat. So on that snowy day, we pulled out our panini maker, threw some dark-chocolate chocolate chips in the middle of the rolls, and grilled ourselves up some pain au chocolate. Take that Omerha.


We’ve had a great start to the new year. Caleb has already finished one course and is on to another. I have started my new nanny job and am thrilled. However, all of that was after a much needed break. the moment Caleb was done with classes, we said adios to Omerha and flew south for some sunshine and sea breeze. We found ourselves on the beaches of Mexico with sand between our toes and yummy drinks in hand.




I can’t begin to say how good this time was. We read lots of books, had lots of chats that came about amidst silence rather than necessity, and took a nap everyday. We left in-love and ready for some family time for the holidays.

We spent way too much time in airports, reading more books and spending more money on airport food than should be legal, but was all worth it to be with the people we love and miss so deeply.

photo_1 (1)


We landed in Portland and spent time with the family…animals and all.



We rented a van to drive to Seattle to visit my brother.

We rented a van to drive to Seattle to visit my brother.

photo_3 (1)

photo_2 (1)


Before we knew it we were in Colorado snuggling our ever-multiplying nieces and nephews for the new year. We got outside in the mountains, visited with dear friends, and soaked up time with family.

We made it through January, the get-your-nose-back-to-the-grindstone month, and have come out on the other side to the best month of the year (my birthday month and Valentine’s day)!We are excited for what 2014 holds. Time seems to be rolling right along. We have so much to anticipate, the first of which is a reunion of my siblings visiting my sister in her study abroad program. My brother and I leave next week, and are anticipating a never-gonna-get-this-time-again experience. Happy New Year.


One thought on “And we’re back.

  1. this was exactly what i needed to read. for some reason your words bring peace to my heart. i love hearing about everything..even if it’s reflection on things i was able to participate in. i love you. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

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