Kindle Paperwhite


I have been resisting the electronic reading devices since they came into existence. It almost feels like a betrayal to all things good and pure to choose a computer over a real book. And I hate the thought of bookstores and books ceasing to exist.

Although I repel the implications of an “ereader” as they call them, the idea and reality is genius. It makes so much sense. And I’m in love. Here’s why:

1. It’s light. Easy and comfortable to hold in one hand.

2. Fabulous on the eyes. Clear, not computer-screen-like.

3. backlighting is easily adjustable.

4. It makes reading in the small moments simple. When you open it, you are on the same page when you left. Simple to pick up and set down in a moments notice.

5. Battery life is incredible. Depending on use, of course, but this last charge lasted me for a month.

6. I purposefully chose a device with no other apps. I have an iphone, which provides more than sufficient access to the world, and have no need for yet another way to watch tv or drown myself in social media. My purpose is for reading.


Bottomline, I’m reading more and loving it. Soon I will share five books that I have read… in the past month… all on my kindle.



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