What’s in Your Fridge?

I thought this was fascinating– what chefs’ refrigerators look like. Although food is much of a chefs world, I believe what we put in our bodies is very revealing for all of us, of who we are. How we think of ourselves, how we treat ourselves and those around us.


After I read the article, I took a picture of our fridge. As is.

photo1 (1)photo2 (1)

This isn’t a typical fridge for us. A couple days before, we hosted a brunch–hence the 5 things of juice, soymilk, milk, and container of left over pancake batter. However, we do eat a lot of eggs. If I were single, I may live off of eggwhites. They are quick and satisfying. We boil loads of them for a quick and healthy snack throughout the week.

We never have milk. Our dairy consists of some cheese and Honey Greek Yogurt to flavor or substitute for sour cream.

There is always tupperware in there, filled with leftovers that we usually use for lunch the next day.

And then there is pesto. It makes everything better.



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