Spring Cleaning

I love spring cleaning, but for us, it usually doesn’t end with purging and organizing closets. It’s also marriage reboot time. For the last few years, we seem to emerge from the depths of winter, look at each other, and think, “this can be better.” Maybe this is true for most people? It’s time to get outside and enjoy being with the people you love… and then you realize you don’t enjoy them like you want to…or you just don’t even know how to be with them. What to talk about, what to do, who they are.

For us, a lot of it is going back to some basics. Practicing old tools that we don’t need when things are easy and good.

And I always like some camaraderie and inspiration.

To be lovers, not business partners.

And talk that keeps a marriage going. We were given similar tools in our premarital class.

photo1 (2)

I’m so thankful to have a lover who wants this to be a good thing. Who won’t settle for anything less.

Blessings on you and yours as you clear away the cobwebs…yet again.





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