Well, all of our projects are done, Caleb’s time off is way past over, and I finished work last week. Alright baby, it’s your turn!

Here’s a recap of the last couple months…


We said good bye to dear friends…

photo (5)

We celebrated Caleb taking his boards… and then celebrated again when we got his scores!

photo 5


We got to see family and friends in faraway places…

photo (3)
photo (4)

photo (7)


We did lots of projects. Thank you “nesting.” Made some rainbow shelves inspired by this lovely home. In the process of creating a travel wall- made a cork world map that will soon be surrounded by pictures of us in the places we have traveled to.  We made a mobile for above the crib, and repainted and put a glass top on a wire side table.

photo (6)


This summer we also got to celebrate 4 years of being married and 25 years of this guy being alive.

photo 3


We are just a week away from this boy’s due date and are eagerly awaiting his arrival!


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. So very excited for both of you and even more excited to see your son. I sure do love your life story and so glad I had the opportunity to be a part too.

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