The aftermath.


What a wonderful aftermath. Simon Caleb Van Essen was born at 6:46 am on Friday, August 15. He weighed 7lbs 8oz and measured 21 inches long. Daddy got to hold him for the first time after he was all weighed and measured, and the moment they locked eyes, the world disappeared.

Auntie Babs and Grammie were quick to give baby pep talks and snuggles. And not long after, Mema, Caleb’s mom, arrived to give her fair share of love and snuggles.


We headed home Saturday and were relieved to get back into the comforts of home. My mom stayed for about another week, and was amazing. A voice of encouragement, reason, and rest in the midst of such a big transition. Those first few days were filled with new joys, fears, and tears [probably due to the influx of hormones]. We are getting to know a new norm–our new family unit. We are very much in love with our son and each other. It has been an experience unlike any other. Go figure.




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