the books.

Although my authority on what works is limited, having only delivered once and been mama for three weeks, these were some of my favorite reads on the matter. You should know 1. We didn’t do any classes… so these [and the hubber dubbers in his OB rotation] are where I got any and all of my knowledge, and 2. I’m not into formulas… I don’t believe life is a formula, and kids aren’t a formula…so if something was telling me this is the only way/best way you should do something, I kicked it to the curb. We don’t need any of that. It leaves too much room for judgement and shaming in a part of life [parenting] that needs all the support and encouragement that can be thrown at it.

So, to me, these books are freeing, empowering, and enlightening. I came away from each feeling more capable and competent to be the parent I am called to be.


Brain Rules for Baby was a gift from my sister-in-law, and should be the first one you pick up. The author is a scientist who translates evidence-based research findings into practical tips for parents. He addresses pregnancy, relationship, intelligence, happiness, and morality, and what we can and can’t do to shape them in our kids.

Bringing Up Bebe is one of my all time favorites. Hilarious account of what an American mother learns from the french as she raises her family in France. A fresh perspective on how to view the child and their capabilities.

Baby Love is like having a mom in a book. It’s a simple, gentle, and practical breakdown of all things baby… from the nursery–what you need and don’t need, sleep, what clothes you will need, how to do outings. A great reference.



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