I am not a hashtag user. At first I didn’t know what it was… now its kinda of out of principal. Silly, I know.

And then there came Kidpost. It’s a way to share pictures I post on social media, with family and friends who aren’t connected on Instagram or Facebook. I linked up my Instagram and Facebook with my Kidpost account. Kidpost then sends an email at the end of the day, of the pictures I have tagged with #kidpost, to whoever is subscribed. Grandmas, Grandpas, great grandmas and grandpas, and the anti-social-media-uncle don’t miss out on the photo updates of our little man. They are simple, fun to get (or so I’ve heard), and such an easy way to keep other family members in the loop without uploading a million pictures and emailing them out to everyone. And, they can link multiple accounts… so hubber dubbers and I can post individually and have them sent in the same email. Below is a sample email…



3 thoughts on “#kidpost

  1. Hi Elli, So what do I need to do to get your pictures from kidpost – I have not heard of that one. We are not on any social media, but would love to see the pictures! Can we get them sent to our inbox the same way your posts are emailed directly to us? Thanks for the help and the great tip! Aunt Marlene

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